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This site is still in its infancy and has very little content, so it is difficult to predict or prescribe what sorts of articles it will contain. For the time being, the editor hopes to offer the following two types of articles:

Encyclopedic entries about important aspects of English education in Japan

These articles would be similar to good Wikipedia articles: They should be both concise and comprehensive while striving to maintain a neutral point of view. They should also contain references to their sources whenever possible and links to related sites. These articles might have multiple authors and editors and go through many revisions, so no individual credit will be assigned to them.

Original articles about English education in Japan

Many topics are possible. Here are a few that come to mind:
  • Description of a typical junior-high-school English class
  • Interview with a private English teacher who meets students in coffee shops
  • Discussion of a controversial issue in English teaching
The authors of original articles would receive bylines for these articles, and others can be prevented from changing them after publication.

After a few articles have been posted and the direction of the site becomes clearer, contributions will be welcome from others. More details will be announced later. In the meantime, any inquiries should be directed to Tom Gally at:

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