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This site, launched in July 2014 by Tom Gally, will provide a wide range of information in English about how the English language is taught and learned in Japan.

The guidelines to the site are here, and a list of the articles is here.

English Education in Japan

English education in Japan is a huge, diverse endeavor, extending from play-focused classes for infants through regular school and university education to private test-preparation and conversation schools, private tutoring, online courses, and, of course, people studying English by themselves.

One result of this diversity is that most of us involved in English education, even those with decades of experience, tend to know well only those contexts where we have taught or studied ourselves. Educators’ perspectives can be particularly narrow when they are not fluent in Japanese, as many important matters related to English education in Japan—from government educational policies to controversies over teaching methods—are discussed much more extensively in Japanese than in English. It is hoped that this site, after it has matured, will be useful to teachers and researchers from around the world who want to understand better how English is taught and learned in Japan.